Design of Basic Computer Architecture

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Which unit in a basic computer is described as '4096 x 16' in the text?

Memory unit

Which component in a basic computer is responsible for controlling the register and memory?

Control logic gates

What is the purpose of the 'OUTR' register in a basic computer?

To store output characters

Which instruction will skip the next instruction if the 'FGO' flag is set to 1?


What does the 'ION' instruction do in a basic computer?

Enable interrupts

What does the 'RR' instruction do when executed in a basic computer?

Read data from memory

Which control inputs are associated with the registers in the given text?


What provides the data inputs for the register in the described system?

Adder and logic circuit

How many sets of inputs does the adder and logic circuit have in the system?


Which operation is performed by D0T5 in the system?

$AC \leftarrow AC \land DR$ (AND with DR)

What does the gate structure control in relation to the AC register?

LD, INR, CLR inputs

What type of arrangement is commonly used to connect I/O devices to CPU & Memory in modern computers?

Single bus arrangement

Test your knowledge on the design of a basic computer architecture, including memory units, registers, flip-flops, decoders, common bus, control logic gates, and adder logic circuits. Explore concepts like opcode decoding, timing decoding, input/output operations, and control signals.

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