Descartes Philosophy on Existence of Body Quiz

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Descartes argues that 'thinking' cannot be separated from the self, leading to the conclusion that __________.

According to Descartes, the vividness of an image in one's mind compared to the actual object in the world demonstrates __________.

The proof of existence from senses, as discussed by Descartes, highlights that __________.

Descartes suggests that skepticism is defeated by __________.

'Cogito ergo sum' is a Latin phrase that translates to __________ in English.

'Proof from imagination' and 'Proof from senses' are used by Descartes to demonstrate __________.

According to Locke, what is the source of all knowledge?

Locke's concept of 'Tabula Rasa' suggests that

For Locke, when does knowledge cease to be innate?

What does Locke disagree with rationalists about regarding innate knowledge?

In Locke's view, how do we acquire knowledge of general maxims like mathematical truths?

What is Locke's most famous concept regarding the mind's state at birth?

What is the basis of Descartes' skepticism regarding the senses?

Descartes was skeptic of the knowledge acquired through the senses because:

What concept ended Descartes' skepticism and proved his existence?

What is the meaning of 'Cogito ergo sum'?

What was the doubt that Descartes acknowledged as the only sure knowledge he had?

Which statement best captures Descartes' skepticism about sensory perception?


Test your knowledge on Descartes' philosophy regarding the existence of the body and the role of imagination. This quiz covers Descartes' argumentation on how the body's existence can be proven through the functioning of imagination.

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