Dental Pulp Function and Maintenance Quiz

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How is carious dentin tissue removal guided in vital teeth with deep lesions?

By hardness judged by tactile feedback

What should be balanced in asymptomatic, vital teeth with deep lesions during carious tissue removal?

Vitality of the tooth

What is the characteristic used to judge carious dentin tissue removal in vital teeth?

Hardness judged by tactile feedback

In what condition is vital pulp therapy typically implemented?

Asymptomatic teeth with very deep carious lesions potentially exposing the pulp

What is the purpose of placing a protective liner on the pulpal surface of a cavity preparation?

To promote pulp tissue healing

When is a protective radiopaque liner typically placed in a tooth with a normal pulp?

After all caries are removed

Which material is often used as a protective base in addition to a liner for teeth with a normal pulp?

Calcium hydroxide

What is the role of a protective liner in minimizing postoperative sensitivity?

To cover exposed dentin tubules

Why is a protective radiopaque liner placed in teeth with normal pulps?

To minimize thermal and chemical pulp injury

Test your knowledge on the functions of dental pulp and the importance of maintaining its integrity and vitality. Explore strategies for conservative carious tissue removal in asymptomatic, vital teeth with deep lesions to balance tissue loss and restoration longevity.

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