Demerits of the Green Revolution

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What was the main benefit of the Green Revolution in terms of crop production?

Increased wheat production by 70%

Who primarily benefited from the Green Revolution?

Rich farmers in Punjab and Haryana

What was a significant drawback of the Green Revolution for poor farmers?

Inability to access expensive seeds and fertilizers

Which region did not significantly benefit from the Green Revolution?


What made irrigation a challenging aspect of implementing the Green Revolution?

Time-consuming and expensive nature

Why did the average farmer struggle with the new farming methods introduced by the Green Revolution?

Cost of fertilizers, seeds, and machinery exceeded their budget

Study Notes

Green Revolution: Impact and Drawbacks

  • The use of High-Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds increased wheat production by 70%, rice by 40%, and maize by 30%.

Drawbacks of the Green Revolution

  • The benefits of the Green Revolution were limited to rich farmers in specific states (Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and parts of Bengal) who could afford expensive seeds, fertilizers, and machinery.
  • Poor farmers were unable to afford new and expensive varieties of seeds.
  • Crops required abundant water supply, and arranging irrigation means was time-consuming and expensive.
  • The cost of fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery increased, becoming unaffordable for the average farmer.

Explore the drawbacks of the Green Revolution, focusing on the increase in demand for water, use of chemical fertilizers, and impact on traditional farming methods. Understand the negative consequences of the Green Revolution despite its initial success in boosting crop production.

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