Delphi Study Results in Project Management

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What is the first phase in the RIBA Plan of Work 2013?

Preparation and brief

In the ISO 21500: 2012, which phase corresponds to 'Closing'?

Handover & close out

Which standard provides guidance on Project Management and is mentioned in the text?

ISO 21500:2012

What are the Construction-specific PM Knowledge Areas (PMKAs) according to the text?

Safety management, Environment management

What is the second phase in the BIM Digital Plan of Work 2013?


Which phase from the CIOB Code of Practice for PM corresponds to 'Defining'?


What method was used to rank the problems experienced in the projects discussed in the text?

Relative Importance Index

Which industry is mentioned to have PM, CM, and CPM specialties?

Construction industry

What major difference did the Delphi panel members indicate in terms of skill needs as project size increased?

Significant increase in the need for soft skills

What is projected by the PMI's PM Talent Gap Report of 2013 for the period between 2010 and 2020?

$6.61 trillion growth in the PM profession

Which industries are expected to see the creation of 15.7 million new PM roles globally according to the text?

Seven project-intensive industries

What makes the next seven years (from 2013) an opportune time for professionals and job-seekers according to the text?

$6.61 trillion growth in PM profession and high salaries

What are the main areas of focus in Construction Management as per the text?

Quality, safety, and function

What is the relationship between Project Management (PM) and Construction Management (CM) according to the text?

PM and CM complement each other

Which field combines Project Management (PM) and Construction Management (CM) to handle the dynamic nature of construction projects?

Construction Project Management (CPM)

What is a key characteristic of Construction Project Management (CPM) mentioned in the text?

It addresses the dynamic nature of construction projects

What approach is commonly used for professional competence assessment in project management?

Rationalistic approach

What do project management standards typically focus on according to the text?

Pre-defined attributes and knowledge topics

Learn about the Delphi study results in project management, including the ranking of experienced problems and the importance of traditional project management and team management skills. Explore the correlation between project size and required skills.

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