Definition of Entrepreneur According to Harbison and Peter F. Drucker

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What quality do entrepreneurs exhibit according to the text?

Risk-taking ability

How do entrepreneurs view work according to the text?

As worship

What is considered an inherent element of entrepreneurship?


Which of the following is NOT a quality exhibited by entrepreneurs according to the text?


What represents the uncertainty that entrepreneurs assume according to the text?

Guaranteeing rent to the landlord

What is the role of an entrepreneur according to Harbison's definition?

Organization builder

According to Peter F. Drucker, what does an entrepreneur do with change?

Responds to it and exploits it

What is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur based on the text?


What type of knowledge does an entrepreneur have according to the text?

Full knowledge about technicalities of the business

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an entrepreneur as per the text?


What does an entrepreneur need in terms of decision-making according to the text?

"make their own rules and destiny"

Explore the definitions of an entrepreneur according to Harbison and Peter F. Drucker, focusing on the qualities and skills required for building and leading successful organizations. Understand the role of innovation and change in entrepreneurship.

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