Defining Aggression and Its Types

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Which of the following best defines aggression as per social psychologists?

What distinguishes intentional harm from unintentional harm?

Which type of aggression is driven by impulsive emotions and occurs with minimal forethought?

What characterizes instrumental or cognitive aggression?

Which of the following is an example of nonphysical aggression?

What is the primary goal of violence as per the definition provided?

What is the definition of aggression according to social psychologists?

What role does the amygdala play in aggression?

Who proposed the idea that humans have a 'life instinct' and a 'death instinct'?

What is the role of testosterone in aggression?

How does alcohol contribute to aggression?

According to social psychologists, what is intentional harm in the context of aggression?

What effect does punishment have on aggression, according to social learning and modeling?

What role does the prefrontal cortex play in aggression?

What term do social psychologists use to refer to aggression that has extreme physical harm?

What do low serotonin levels predict in relation to aggression?


Explore the definition of aggression and its different types such as intentional harm, unintentional harm, and violence. Understand the concepts as defined by social psychologists.

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