Defense Mechanisms and Psychosocial Development: The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense

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What is the main focus of the oral stage in psychosexual development?

Eating and sucking

According to Anna Freud, what should be the focus of treatment in psychoanalysis?

Ego and id

Which defense mechanism involves taking on the characteristics of others?


At what age does the genital stage of psychosexual development begin?

12 years old

Which psychologist believed that emotional issues are handled indirectly through abstract thought?

Anna Freud

During which stage of psychosexual development does the focus of sexual gratification shift from the anal region to the genital area?

Phallic stage

Which ego psychologist emphasized that the ego plays a significant role in human development?

Erik Erikson

What characterizes the anal stage of psychosexual development?

Main source of pleasure in the anal area

Which defense mechanism involves explaining away poor performance or failures?


Which perspective emphasizes the importance of childhood experiences in shaping adult personality?

Humanistic-existential perspective

Which psychotherapy perspective focuses on unconscious psychological processes as a key element?

Psychodynamic perspective

What is a key principle of humanistic-existential therapy?

Focus on self-awareness and personal growth

Which perspective values self-actualization and personal growth as primary therapeutic goals?

Humanistic-existential perspective

Who is associated with the development of the rational emotive perspective in psychotherapy?

Albert Ellis

Which psychotherapy approach emphasizes the importance of cognitive processes in behavior change?

Rational emotive perspective

In humanistic-existential therapy, what is the significance of the therapist-client relationship?

It is central and crucial for growth and healing

Which psychotherapy modality focuses on exploring subjective human experiences and perceptions?

Phenomenological perspective

What differentiates humanistic-existential therapy from cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Prioritization of self-awareness and personal growth

What concept does the humanistic-existential perspective primarily revolve around?

Self-awareness and personal growth

Learn about the defense mechanisms described by Freud in 'The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense' including 'identification with the aggressor' and 'altruism'. Explore Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial development from infancy to early childhood.

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