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What is the definition of cybersecurity globalization?

The use and integration of global and regional technologies to maintain and protect cybersecurity

According to Blumenthal & Hisrich (2002), what is globalization?

The process of interaction, integration, and interdependence among different nations

What do cybersecurity coalitions assist with?

Intelligence, training, information sharing, best practices, law enforcement support, and emergency management assistance

Why have countries formed cybersecurity coalitions?

To improve their cybersecurity and address vulnerability to cyberattacks

What is the main focus of cybersecurity coalitions?

Improving cybersecurity through various forms of assistance

What are the components of cybersecurity globalization?

International cooperation in responding to cyberattacks and the use of global technology

What is one of the impacts of globalization on cybersecurity?

Increase in the number and variety of devices connected to the internet

Why has cybersecurity become more challenging in the era of globalisation?

Rise of well-funded and highly skilled cybercriminal networks

What has the increase in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices led to in terms of cybersecurity?

Expansion of the attack surface

How has globalisation affected cybercrime according to the text?

It has led to the rise of sophisticated cybercriminal networks operating across borders

What role does cybersecurity play in international relations according to the text?

Key element in government policy

Why is it challenging to safeguard global infrastructure in the era of globalisation?

Increase in potential entry points for cybercriminals

In what way do IoT devices contribute to cybersecurity challenges?

'IoT' devices expand the attack surface

What impact has globalisation had on cybersecurity laws and practices according to the text?

'IoT' devices have made it difficult to track and prosecute cybercriminals

How does globalization affect the scale of potential cyber threats?

'IoT' devices increase the scale of potential threats

What is one significant impact of globalisation on cybersecurity?

Increase in interconnectedness and complexity of potential threats

Test your knowledge of cybersecurity globalization with this quiz. Learn about the use and integration of global and regional technologies to maintain and protect cybersecurity, including international cooperation in responding to cyberattacks.

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