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What is the main purpose of implementing Digital Security?

To protect networks from cyber-attacks

Which of the following is NOT a common cause of cyber-attacks mentioned in the text?

Encrypted data storage

How is 'information security' related to 'Cyber Safety' as per the text?

Information security is part of Cyber Safety

What is the primary focus of information security?

Protecting data in various organizations

Where is information security primarily deployed according to the text?

In areas where digital data is stored and vulnerable to attacks

What does Cyber Safety aim to protect computers/networks from, according to the text?

Cyber attacks and their consequences

Study Notes

Digital Security and Cyber Safety

  • Digital security is implemented to protect networks and systems from malicious digital cyber-attacks.
  • Cyber Safety can be implemented in both organizations and individual systems/networks.

Threats to Cyber Safety

  • Cyber-attacks can be caused through publicly accessible internet connections, phishing emails, suspicious links, downloadable documents or apps, and more.
  • Cyber-attacks can leave a lasting impact on an organization's overall functionality.

Cyber Safety vs. Information Security

  • "Information security" is often used interchangeably with "Cyber Safety", but information security is a part of Cyber Safety.
  • Information security focuses on protecting research data or personal data.

Importance of Cyber Safety

  • Cyber Safety is implemented in organizations to protect data, which is known as information security.
  • Information security is crucial in areas where digital data is stored and is highly vulnerable to attacks, such as information systems, apps, and websites.

Test your knowledge on implementing digital security and cyber safety measures to protect networks and systems from cyber attacks. Learn about safeguarding against threats like phishing emails, suspicious links, and downloadable documents.

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