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What is the term used for the data trail we leave behind intentionally?

Active digital footprints

What does Cyber Safety primarily aim to ensure?

Safety and security of personal information

What is the term for the digital data trail we leave behind online unintentionally?

Passive digital footprints

What kind of information is included in our digital footprint?

Websites we visit and emails we send

Why is it important to be aware of our digital footprint?

It could be misused or exploited

Study Notes

Digital Footprint

  • The term "digital shadow" is used to describe the data trail we leave behind intentionally.
  • Cyber Safety primarily aims to ensure that users are protected from online threats and risks.

Digital Footprint Types

  • The term "digital footprint" refers to the digital data trail we leave behind online unintentionally.

Composition of Digital Footprint

  • Our digital footprint includes various types of information, such as:
    • Browsing history
    • Search queries
    • Social media activity
    • Location data
    • Online purchases
    • Comments and posts

Importance of Digital Footprint Awareness

  • It is crucial to be aware of our digital footprint because:
    • It can be used to track our online activities without our consent
    • It can be exploited by cybercriminals to steal our personal information
    • It can affect our online reputation and digital identity

Test your knowledge of Cyber Safety with this quiz. Explore topics related to staying safe and responsible while using the internet, protecting personal information, and preventing security risks. Learn about digital footprints and measures to safeguard your online presence.

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