Curriculum Development: Processes & Model Session 5 Quiz

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What are the bases of classroom desired Curriculum Designing according to the text?

Which model is associated with the top to bottom approach in Curriculum Development Process?

What is the main task in preparing for a Panel Discussion on the Foundations of Curriculum, as per the text?

What other than money should one need to prepare to put up a school, as mentioned in the text?

What is involved in Curriculum Designing based on the information provided?

What is the first logical phase of curriculum planning?

How should a teacher ensure that 'changes' and 'progressive' elements in curriculum development transpire in the classroom?

What is the connection between curriculum implementing and curriculum evaluating?

What is the difference between curriculum planning and curriculum designing?

If curriculum development is 'progressive', what does it imply for the classroom environment?


Test your understanding of curriculum development processes and models in this session 5 quiz. Assess your knowledge of curriculum planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating, as well as the importance of the curriculum process in teaching.

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