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Give an example of a good line of reasoning from the text.

What is a statement in the context of logic and critical thinking?

What is the main purpose of reasoning in the context of the text?

Why is it important to study logic and critical thinking?

Explain the role of logic and critical thinking in reasoning.

What are the two types of arguments discussed in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 6, what method is introduced for evaluating arguments?

Which chapter covers the topic of Fallacies?

What are the two patterns discussed in Chapter 10?

Which chapter explores the topic of Causal Arguments?

An argument typically consists of one or more premises and only one conclusion.

The premises of an argument may be offered as adequate or inadequate evidence to support the conclusion.

The statement 'Some uncles are skinny' is an example of a command.

An argument with weak evidence supporting the conclusion is considered a good argument.

An exclamatory statement expresses a command.

In a well-constructed argument, the premises give good support for believing that the conclusion is true.

The conclusion of an argument may contain indicator words like 'since' or 'because'.

An argument can be used for persuasion but not for seeking truth.

The two possible truth values of a statement are true and false.

Commands and exclamations are non-statement expressions.

An argument is a group of statements with one or more premises that are claimed to support the conclusion.

In logic, a statement is a sentence that is both true and false at the same time.

Logic evaluates arguments and helps distinguish between good and bad arguments.

The text mentions that Italy prevailed at Adwain in 1896 as an example of a statement.

A good argument is one in which the premises really support the conclusion.

The sinking of Titanic by German submarines in 1912 is mentioned as an example of a bad argument in the text.


Test your knowledge of critical thinking with this quiz based on the content from 'Critical Thinking' by Mark Storey at Bellevue College. The quiz covers topics such as logic of arguments, reasoning, and decision-making.

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