Critical Perspectives in Health Psychology Module Overview

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What is the main focus of critical health psychology?

Evaluating psychological theory and practice

According to the text, what does individualism assumption in health psychology emphasize?

The predominant influence of individuals on their own health

What does critical health psychology tend to question?

The assumption that individual health is solely influenced by individuals

Which factor is predominantly valued in individualistic societies?


According to the text, what does psychology tend to downplay in the context of individual health?

The role of social factors

What is the primary focus of critical health psychology?

Evaluating psychological theory and practice critically

What is the focus of critical health psychology?

Addressing social and structural factors influencing health

According to the text, what effect does an ideology of individualism have on health psychology?

Promotes victim blaming

What does critical health psychology propose to follow?

A biopsychosocial model

What epistemological assumption has been increasingly challenged since the 1970s?

The assumption of a fixed reality

Which model is associated with the work of Michie, van Stralen, and West?

Behavior change wheel model

What does health psychology often reinforce, according to the text?

Interventions targeted at individuals and their beliefs

'An ideology of individualism fits well with a discipline whose objective is the understanding of individual behavior.' - What does this statement imply?

'Individualism hinders the understanding of social determinants of health'

'Most psychological research is underpinned by a realist assumption.' - What does this statement mean?

'Psychological research assumes a fixed and unmediated reality'

'Health psychology proposes to follow a biopsychosocial model.' - What does this imply about the approach?

'It considers psychological and social factors in addition to biological factors'

'The Individualism Assumption obscures social factors such as poverty, race, and class.' - What does this statement suggest?

'Individualism overlooks the influence of social factors on health'

Explore critical perspectives in health psychology, including the assumptions underpinning health psychology, the role of social power, and the concept of health promotion and individual responsibility. This module also critically evaluates psychological theory and practice, social inequalities, power, diversity, and research methods.

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