Introduction to Health Psychology

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What is the primary focus of health psychology?

Studying individual behaviors related to health and illness

What are some of the factors that health psychology studies?

Psychological, social, behavioral, and emotional factors

When did Health Psychology officially begin as a field of study?

In the 20th century

What does the Illness/Wellness Continuum refer to?

A model showing the continuum between health and illness

According to Matarazzo (1982), what are some of the aspects health psychology contributes to?

Health promotion and maintenance, illness prevention and treatment

What is one of the main questions that health psychology aims to answer according to the text?

"What are the physiological bases of emotion?"

What is the main focus of the Biopsychosocial Model of health?

Promoting health and preventing diseases

According to the Biomedical Model, where do diseases originate?

From external factors invading the body

Which factor is NOT considered a Biological Factor in health according to the text?

Social norms of behavior

What is the primary aim of healthcare systems according to the quote in the text?

Curing people

In the context of health psychology, what is considered under the 'Psycho' component of the Biopsychosocial Model?

Cognitions, emotions, and behaviors

Based on the Biomedical Model, individuals with illnesses are seen as:

Victims of biological changes beyond their control

Which factor is NOT considered within the sociological factors of the Biopsychosocial Model?


What is a key belief that informs the Biopsychosocial Model according to the text?

Beliefs predict unhealthy behaviors

Which psychological factor is NOT mentioned in the Biopsychosocial Model in the text?

Sleep patterns

What aspect of illness can understanding psychological consequences help alleviate based on the text?

Physical pain

How do beliefs and beliefs about health and illness relate to behavior according to the text?

Beliefs predict unhealthy behaviors

Which field is NOT mentioned in relation to health psychology in the text?


How can understanding the role of psychological factors help in the treatment of illness according to the text?

It can alleviate physical symptoms

Explore the fundamentals of health psychology including defining health psychology, understanding the factors that led to its development, and learning about different health models. Delve into topics such as physiological bases of emotion, their relation to health and illness, stress, and behaviors predisposing to certain health conditions.

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