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What is the main focus for assessment component 1.1 in WJEC criminology unit 2?

Understanding the definition of crime and deviance, their differences, and examples

What are values in the context of crime and deviance?

General principles or guidelines defining right or wrong

How does crime and deviance relate to accepted values and norms?

They challenge or threaten accepted values and norms of behavior

What is the primary requirement for the exam regarding the 'compare crime and deviance' assessment component?

A clear definition of crime, its differences from deviance, and examples

Study Notes

Assessment Component 1.1: WJEC Criminology Unit 2

  • Focuses on crime and deviance in relation to values and norms
  • Examines how crime and deviance challenges and reinforces accepted values and norms

Values in the Context of Crime and Deviance

  • Refer to beliefs and attitudes that are widely accepted in society
  • Shape societal norms and expectations
  • Influence how individuals and groups perceive and respond to crime and deviance

Relationship between Crime and Deviance and Accepted Values and Norms

  • Crime and deviance can challenge or reinforce accepted values and norms
  • Can lead to changes in values and norms over time
  • Can be influenced by various factors, including cultural, historical, and social contexts

Primary Requirement for the Exam: 'Compare Crime and Deviance' Assessment Component

  • Requires comparison of different theories, concepts, and perspectives on crime and deviance
  • Must demonstrate understanding of how crime and deviance relate to values and norms
  • Effective comparison and evaluation of different approaches necessary to succeed in the exam

Test your knowledge of WJEC criminology unit 2 with this quiz focused on assessment component 1.1: 'compare crime and deviance'. Put your understanding to the test and see how well you grasp the key concepts related to crime and deviance.

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