What is criminology Part 1

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29 Questions

What is the difference between criminal law and common law?

What is the scope of criminology?

Who first used the term 'criminology'?

What is the law?

What is the meaning of the word 'criminology'?

Which of the following is NOT one of the fields of specialisation in criminology identified by Bezuidenhout and Little?

According to Sutherland's definition of criminology, what does the third aspect of reacting to lawbreaking refer to?

Who is celebrated as the father of American criminology, according to the text?

What is the scientific approach to the study and analysis of crime phenomena and criminal behaviour, according to Brown, Esbensen and Geis?

What is the main focus of victimology in criminology?

What is the juridical concept of crime, according to the Department of Criminology and Security Science at the University of South Africa?

What is the goal of criminology?

What is the field of study for criminology, as described in the text?

What is the scientific method, as described in the text?

What does it mean for criminology to study crime in its relativity?

What is the consequence of crime, according to the text?

What are some questions that criminologists ask, as stated in the text?

Where is criminology typically taught in South African universities?

Which of the following is NOT a potential career path for a criminologist?

What category of science does criminology fall under?

What is the difference between criminology as the study of crime and criminal justice, and criminology as the functional study of the police, courts, and correctional services?

What are the requirements that a subject must meet in order to qualify as an independent discipline, according to Johnson (1978)?

Is criminology a dynamic discipline?

According to Beukman, what are the main functions of criminologists?

What is Schmalleger's definition of criminology?

What is the fundamental task of a criminologist?

What is the role of criminologists in developing programmes for preventing crime?

What are some examples of occupations that people with a post-graduate degree in Criminology can pursue?

What is the purpose of victim impact statements?


Test your knowledge of criminology and its areas of study with this quiz. Explore the scientific study of lawmaking and lawbreaking, crime prevention and control, and victimization profiling. Get ready to learn about the fascinating world of criminology!

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