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What did the Supreme Court define as a search in Katz v. United States (1967)?

Any government intrusion into something in which a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy

What is the idea behind deterrence?

Fear of punishment will prevent crimes

What is parens patriae?

The idea that the state takes the role of parents to protect juveniles

What is the purpose of probation?

An alternative to prison with specific conditions to follow

What occurs during booking?

Recording the arrest details and taking fingerprints and photographs

What is the purpose of an arraignment?

A court hearing in which the defendant must enter a plea

What is the role of a probation officer?

To supervise offenders who are serving probation sentences

What is the purpose of a dispositional hearing in juvenile court?

To determine the sentence for the juvenile offender

What does an acquittal mean in a criminal case?

To find the defendant not guilty

What is the definition of an arrestee?

The person arrested

What does a pardon by the governor or president entail?

An act that forgives all or part of a prisoner's sentence

What is the definition of an arrest?

Taking a person into custody for the purpose of charging the person with a crime

What is the responsibility of proving facts in a criminal trial?

The prosecution

What is the term for crimes, such as prostitution and possession of illegal drugs, in which everyone is involved by choice?

Victimless crimes

What is the term describing juveniles who cannot be controlled by their parents?


What is the age at which a person is considered an adult for legal purposes?

Age of Majority

What is the term for the conditional release of a prisoner before the end of a prison term?


What is the study of crime called?


What is the term for an act which, if done by an adult, would be a crime?


What is the geographical area or subject matter over which particular courts or law enforcement agencies have power?


What is the term for the responsibility of proving facts in a case?

Burden of Proof

What is the term for a trial conducted without a jury?

Bench Trial

What is the term for the questioning of the opponent’s witnesses in a trial?

Cross Examination

What is the term for a prison sentence of an indefinite period of time, where prisoners are released based on rehabilitation?

Indeterminate Sentence

Test your knowledge of legal terminology and concepts with this quiz on key definitions related to criminal law and the Fourth Amendment. Brush up on terms like search, arrest, deterrence, and more.

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