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What is the purpose of using a spreadsheet?

To store and organize information

How are the columns in a spreadsheet identified?

By letters

What is the name given to the intersection of a column and a row in a spreadsheet?


How are rows in a spreadsheet typically numbered?

By numbers

What is the purpose of recording sunflower measurements in a spreadsheet?

To record plant growth over time

What is the formula to calculate the growth of the sunflower from Monday to Friday?

Height on Friday - Height on Monday

What does the term 'formula' refer to in the context of using a spreadsheet?

An instruction for the spreadsheet to calculate a result

What does adding labels in a spreadsheet help with?

Explaining the values in the spreadsheet

Which cell should the word 'Growth' be placed in to indicate the total growth for the week?

Cell G2

Where should the formula for calculating growth be entered in the spreadsheet?

Cell G3

What operator is used when calculating the growth of the sunflower?

Learn how to create a spreadsheet by entering text and numbers, using skills from a previous lesson. Explore the concept of spreadsheets being a grid of columns and rows, with practical examples involving sunflower measurements.

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