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What percentage of the world's landmass does North America occupy?

In what year did Mexico declare its independence, directly emulating the United States?

Which country among Canada, the USA, and Mexico never fought an independence war?

What is a significant cultural connection shared by Canada, the USA, and Mexico?

Which country's attempts to build an American-style republic were foundational in US-Mexican relations?

When did the United States declare war on Great Britain according to the text?

What was one direct objective of the War of 1812 mentioned in the text?

Which trade agreement is referred to in the text that eliminated most import and export tariffs between Canada, the USA, and Mexico?

What was the major reason behind the US-Mexico border being heavily militarized according to the text?

What relationship did Canada and Mexico establish in 2004, as mentioned in the text, to enhance trade, technological development, and human services?

What led to the increased visibility of the US-Mexico border in the 20th century?

Before the Great Depression, what was the border between the US and Mexico like?

What impact did the militarization of the border have on Mexican laborers?

What historical event contributed to the establishment of towns that straddled the US-Mexico border?

Why is the maintenance of the US-Mexico border referred to as controversial in the text?


Test your knowledge about the countries in North America with this quiz. Learn interesting facts about Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico.

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