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What is a key focus of strategic cost management?

Aligning cost management with the firm's strategic goals

Which of the following is NOT a typical financial performance measure used in strategic cost management?

Product quality

Which of the following is an example of a non-financial measure of operational performance used in strategic cost management?

Market share

How does the balanced scorecard relate to strategic cost management?

The balanced scorecard incorporates both financial and non-financial measures used in strategic cost management.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the new business environment described in the text?

Firms should focus solely on maximizing short-term profits

Which of the following is NOT a key financial performance measure mentioned in the text for strategic cost management?

Customer satisfaction

What is the main focus of strategic management?

Achieving long-term success

What type of information does cost management provide to managers?

Cost and revenue information, along with non-financial data

In what way does management accounting support organizations?

By assisting in making rational decisions

What does strategic cost management aim to facilitate?

Development of sustainable competitive positions

What is the primary role of cost management in a firm?

Providing financial and non-financial information to aid management

What distinguishes strategic cost management from traditional cost accounting?

Involvement of sustainable competitive positions

Which of the following best describes the role of cost management information in today's business environment?

It is a critical factor in the effective management of the firm.

What is required for business managers to think and act competitively?

Strategy and the use of cost management information.

Which of the following is NOT listed as an objective of the module?

Explain the importance of cost management information in financial reporting.

How is cost management information used in various management functions?

It is used to support strategic decision-making and operational planning.

What does the text suggest about the contemporary business environment?

It is undergoing significant changes that require new cost management techniques.

Based on the text, what can be inferred about the role of a cost management accountant?

They play a strategic role in supporting business decision-making.

Test your knowledge on the overview of cost management and strategy including the definition of strategy, strategic management, and strategic cost management.

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