Corporate Governance and Ethics Quiz

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What is the primary focus of corporate governance?

What is a key aspect of countries ethics in the context of corporate governance?

Which factor is a part of ethical issues in corporate governance?

What does corporate governance encompass?

What is the primary focus of corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

What does CSR involve in terms of social and environmental concerns?

What do companies committed to CSR actively work to reduce?

What is the key element of CSR related to conservation efforts?

Which of the following is NOT listed as a potential benefit of embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

What does the 1-1-1 model adopted by Salesforce involve?

What is an essential aspect of CSR initiatives according to the given text?

What falls under the category of Ethical Business Practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Which company is mentioned for its commitment to environmental sustainability through the use of recycled materials and support for environmental activism?


Test your knowledge about the primary focus of corporate governance, key aspects of countries ethics in corporate governance, and factors related to ethical issues in corporate governance.

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