Continuous Culture Device and Turbidostat Quiz

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What is the function of a turbidostat in a bacterial culture?

To regulate the flow rate of media to maintain a predetermined cell density

Who discovered the helical structure of DNA using x-ray crystallography?

Rosalind Franklin

Which scientists revealed the dimensional structure of the DNA molecule?

James Watson and Francis Crick

What is the primary determinant of the information contained in DNA?

The sequence of letters along the helical structure

What differentiates RNA from DNA in terms of structure?

RNA has a single-stranded structure and contains ribose sugar instead of deoxyribose

How does a turbidostat differ from a chemostat?

A turbidostat has no limiting nutrients, whereas a chemostat adds fresh media continuously

What does the twisted double-stranded helical structure of DNA resemble?

"Spiral staircase"

Test your knowledge on continuous culture devices and turbidostats used in microbiology. Learn about the principles of operation, nutrient control, and cell density regulation in a turbidostat.

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