Contingency Model of Leadership for Group Decision-Making

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What distinguishes Socialized charismatic Leaders from Personalized charismatic leaders?

Which type of charismatic leader gains charisma mainly from their position rather than personal characteristics?

What distinguishes Personalized charismatic leaders from Personal (not personalized) charismatic leaders?

What characterizes a Divine charismatic leader?

Why is charisma alone not sufficient to account for the transformational process in leadership?

In what way are Charismatic Leadership and Transformational Leadership similar?

Which type of leader uses power to benefit others according to the text?

'Divine charismatic' leaders gain esteem through what according to the text?

'Personalized charismatic' leaders primarily use power to serve whose interests according to the text?

What differentiates an Office-holder charismatic leader from a Personalized charismatic leader?


Explore a model that suggests the decision of leadership style for group decision-making should be contingent on the situation. Learn about the three key factors that influence leadership style: Decision Quality, Team Commitment, and Impact on Team Morale.

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