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geo midterm 3.1

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Continental crust is thinner than oceanic crust

If a convergent boundary involves oceanic crust, subduction will occur.

Subduction is a smooth, continuous process

Metamorphic rocks form from igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks

Obsidian is an evaporite

A unit of relatively resistant rock that caps the top of a landform and thus protects underlying rocks from erosion is called which of the following?

Another name for mechanical weathering is called which of the following?

The varying rates at which different rock units weather is called which of the following?

The breakup of a body of rock into smaller rocks of the same type is called which of the following?

A form of physical weathering in which sheets of rock flake away due to seasonal temperature changes or by the expansion of the rock due to unloading is called which of the following?


Learn about the thickness differences between continental and oceanic crust with this quiz. Test your knowledge on geological features and plate tectonics.

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