Contemporary Philippine Arts Quiz

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Which type of art is produced by artists living in the present time?

What does the term 'medium' refer to in art?

Which type of art involves transforming raw materials into useful and aesthetically pleasing products?

Which type of art can be seen and occupies space?

Which type of art can be heard and is expressed in time?

Which province in the Philippines is known as the 'Carving Capital' due to its rich tradition in wood carving?

Where did the traditional 'pagbuburnay' pottery industry originate?

What is a 'bulul' in the context of Cordilleras culture?

Which festival in Quezon province involves house decorating competitions showcasing local culture and arts by displaying their bountiful harvest?

What is the name of the Christian's most sacred book?


Test your knowledge of Contemporary Philippine Arts with this quiz! From the definition of contemporary art to the different forms of applied and industrial arts, this quiz covers it all. Challenge yourself and see how well you understand the vibrant and evolving world of Philippine arts today.

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