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Which field of study focuses on how consumers think and make decisions?

What is the main idea behind the marketing concept?

Which trend has led to the availability of information anytime, anywhere?

Which trend has created golden opportunities for industries like fat-free foods and plastic surgery?

Which trend has resulted in an increased need for efficient package delivery?

True or false: Consumer Behavior is the study of how consumers select, purchase, use, and dispose of mass-marketed products?

True or false: Differentiated products are products that are the same as others.

True or false: Anthropology is a field of study in consumer behavior that focuses on social status and culture.

True or false: Psychology is a field of study in consumer behavior that focuses on how consumers think and make decisions.

True or false: The marketing concept emphasizes that the competition should deliver satisfaction to the consumer.


Test your knowledge on consumer behavior with this quiz! Explore topics such as mass-marketed products, differentiated products, and the various studies that contribute to understanding consumer behavior. Challenge yourself to answer questions related to psychology, social psychology, and anthropology in relation to consumer choices.

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