Consumer Behavior and Cultural Influences in Marketing Quiz

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Marketing factors that affect consumer behaviour include ______.

Hispanic American Consumers are deeply oriented in ______, with their children having a lot to say in what the adults buy.

Asian American Consumers are ______, especially in the ones that work in relation to them.

______ is a group that serves as a direct or indirect point of comparison or reference in forming a person’s attitudes or behaviour.

Word of mouth influence: the impact of the personal words and recommendations to friends and other consumers

Brand personality: specific mix of human traits that may be attributed to particular brands. (sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness)

Psychological factors: time, social surroundings

Complex buying behaviour: high consumer involvement in a purchase and significant perceived differences among brands

Habitual buying behaviour: low consumer involvement and little brand significance. For example, take table salt. Consumers have little involvement in this product category—they simply go to the store and reach for a brand. If they keep reaching for the same brand, it is out of habit rather than strong brand loyalty

  1. Need recognition: first stage, consumer recognized the problem or need. - Can be triggered by internal stimuli or external stimuli.

  1. Evaluation of alternatives: consumer uses information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set.

The Customer Journey: Sum of ongoing experiences consumers have with a brand, that affect their buying behavior, engagement and brand advocacy over time

New product: good or service or idea that is perceived by some potential customers as new

Stages in the Adoption Process: - Awareness (lacks info), interest (seek information), evaluation (if trying the new product makes sense), trial (tries product, to improve his or her estimate of its value), adoption (full and regular use)

Innovators: try new ideas

Rate of adoption: time products take to gain acceptance in the market. Several characteristics influence the rate of adoption: relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility and communicability


Test your knowledge of consumer behavior and cultural influences in marketing with this quiz. Explore the impact of factors such as product, promotion, place, pricing, and subcultures on consumer behavior, and gain insights into targeting specific markets like Hispanic American consumers.

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