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Why are aggregates with soft particles, chert, clay lumps, and other friable particles not recommended?

They result in a soft material.

What is the primary cause of erratic setting times and rates of hardening in aggregates?

Organic impurities in sand

Why should aggregates susceptible to volume change due to moisture be avoided?

To prevent expansion and contraction issues.

Which type of construction stone would be considered lightweight based on the provided information?


What impact does the presence of coal or lignite in aggregates have on concrete?

Reduces volume stability

In terms of aggregate's pore structure, why is resistance to freezing and thawing important for concrete quality?

To prevent cracking due to water expansion.

What is the primary influence of aggregates with high absorption on concrete quality?

Volume instability

How do heavyweight aggregates differ from lightweight aggregates in terms of unit weight?

Heavyweight aggregates have higher unit weight than lightweight aggregates.

Why is it crucial to avoid aggregates susceptible to cyclic expansion and contraction?

To prevent cracking and durability issues.

What characteristic of aggregates makes them susceptible to pop-outs and reduced durability?

Soft particles and friable impurities

Test your knowledge on construction aggregates used in concrete construction, including boulders, cobbles, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and mineral filler. Learn about the typical sizes and weights of different types of aggregates.

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