Constantine and the Edict of Milan

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The monks could not avoid sin because sin is not in our hearts.


The Nicene Creed was created as a result of the Council of Nicaea to resolve disputes in the church and to come up with an agreed upon statement of beliefs.


Arian falsely believed that Jesus was fully God and equal with God the Father.


The trinity is the belief that God exists as one God in four persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus' incarnation is when he became fully human, but not fully God.


Match the following theological concepts with their definitions:

Substitutionary atonement = Jesus took our place and paid for our sins Incarnation = Jesus became human Trinity = Belief in one God in three persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit Ascension = Jesus rising into heaven

Match the following events in Jesus' journey with their descriptions:

Crucifixion = Jesus was nailed to the cross and died Resurrection = Jesus defeated death and rose to life Humiliation = Jesus humiliated himself through becoming a man and dying on the cross Exaltation = Jesus was raised to life and ascended into heaven

Match the statements with the corresponding beliefs from the Nicene Creed:

We believe in one God = Belief in monotheism He came for us and for our salvation = Belief in Jesus' purpose on Earth We believe in the Holy Spirit, with the Father and Son = Belief in the Trinity And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God = Belief in Jesus' divinity

Match the proofs of Jesus' humanity with their descriptions:

He was called a man = Acknowledgment of his human identity He was tempted = Facing trials of human nature He had a body of flesh and bones = Physical nature as a human being He suffered and died = Experiencing human mortality

Match the characteristics of Jesus as fully God with their manifestations:

He knows all things = Omniscience displayed by Jesus He gives eternal life = Bestowing everlasting life to believers He is worshipped = Reverence shown towards Jesus as divine He existed at the beginning of time = Eternal nature of Jesus before creation

Test your knowledge on Constantine, the Roman Emperor who legalized Christianity and issued the Edict of Milan to grant religious freedom in the Empire. Learn about his vision of a cross in the sky and his significance in the history of Christianity.

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