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Which state of matter has atoms and molecules that are closer together, allowing for a definite shape and size?


What happens when a gas loses energy?

It becomes a liquid

Which factor, along with temperature, determines the phase of a substance according to the text?


What is the point where a pure substance will be a solid, liquid, and vapor all at the same time known as?

Triple point

Which phase change involves a gas turning straight into a solid, skipping the liquid phase?


What occurs when a liquid loses energy or gains pressure and turns into a solid?


What is the point called when the boundary between a liquid and a vapor disappears?

Critical point

Which process allows a substance to change directly from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid phase?


In a phase diagram, what does the flat line represent during a phase change?

Coexistence of two phases

What is the main reason behind the formation of dew on the grass on cold mornings?

The water vapor losing energy when it comes in contact with cooler grass

What is a characteristic of sublimation as described in the text?

It involves a liquid transitioning directly into a gas

Which statement accurately describes the relationship between condensation and evaporation?

Condensation involves the transition from gas to liquid, while evaporation involves liquid to gas transition

Why does the temperature remain constant at stages II and IV in the phase change diagram?

Energy is being used to break or form bonds between molecules

Why do substances have specific phase change temperatures?

To show the energy required for breaking or forming bonds

What effect does pressure have on boiling points in different substances?

Pressure decreases boiling points

Test your knowledge on examples of condensation such as dew forming on grass, water droplets on soda cans, and hot water bottles in a cool environment. Understand how water vapor loses energy when exposed to cooler surfaces, leading to the formation of liquid droplets.

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