Concurrent Disorders and Mental Health: CCHS Insights

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What characterizes anxiety disorders according to the text?

An emotional response to immediate threats

How does the DSM-5 differ from the DSM-IV regarding substance use disorders (SUD)?

It combines abuse and dependence into a single category

What complex interaction is highlighted in the text regarding substance use and mental health disorders?

Bidirectional path

Which receptors are mentioned in the text as stimulating dopamine release in the Nucleus Acumens?

CB1 receptors

Which of the following is a characteristic of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)?


What do the three helplessness theories of depression focus on?

Learned hopelessness, attributions, and learned helplessness

What is a key feature of Bipolar II disorder?

Episodes of hypomania

How does impulsivity impact individuals according to the text?

It leads to maladaptive behaviors and risk-taking

What is a common concern for individuals with specific phobias according to the text?

Avoidance of public spaces

How do individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) respond in social situations?

By struggling with perfectionism

Explore valuable statistics on concurrent disorders from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), which pertain to the co-occurrence of substance use disorders (SUD) and mental health issues. Learn about the common association between anxiety disorders, phobias, and high rates of co-occurring SUD, especially with alcohol, based on meta-analytic reviews.

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