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What marketing strategy is mentioned first in the text?

Viral marketing

Which of the following is NOT a valid contact method listed for the institution?

Website URL

What is the name of the educational institution mentioned in the text?

Central Integrated Baccalaureate Institution

What levels of education are authorized at this institution?

Preschool, primary, secondary, and vocational

Which government authority authorized the recognition of this educational institution?

The Municipal Secretary of Education

What is the resolution number mentioned in the text for the official recognition of the institution?


How many physical locations or campuses are mentioned for this educational institution?


What is the NIT (Tax Identification Number) provided for the institution?


Which of the following marketing strategies is NOT mentioned in the text?

Social media marketing

Based on the information provided, what type of institution is being described?

A public school

Test your knowledge on the components of a computer system, including hardware and software. Learn about the role of the CPU, main memory, and peripherals in a computer setup.

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