Computer Security and the CIA Triad Quiz

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What is the main objective of the CIA Triad?

Ensuring integrity, availability, and confidentiality of system resources

Which element of the CIA Triad focuses on preventing unauthorized modification and ensuring authenticity of messages?


What does the term 'confidentiality' in the context of the CIA Triad refer to?

Preventing unauthorized access and disclosure through encryption

What is the primary focus of 'availability' in the CIA Triad?

Ensuring timely and reliable access to system resources

What characterizes a low-level impact of a security breach according to the text?

Minor adverse effects on operations, assets, or individuals resulting in negligible harm or financial loss

Test your knowledge of computer security and the CIA Triad with this quiz. Explore the key objectives and levels of security breach impact while reinforcing your understanding of integrity, availability, and confidentiality of system resources.

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