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What is the physical layout of nodes, workstations, and cables in a network called?

Physical Topology

Which network topology uses a central wire called a Bus for communication?

Bus Topology

What is the main disadvantage of Bus Topology?

Performance decreases

Which topology uses a separate cable for each workstation and connects them to a central device?

Star Topology

What type of topology provides a more reliable network that is easily expanded?

Star Topology

In a Bus Topology, what are terminators used for?

Absorbing signals

Which physical network topology is known for its easy installation and configuration?

Bus Topology

What is the main advantage of Star Topology?

Reliable network

Which physical network topology is characterized by a central device typically a HUB?

Star Topology

What type of topology defines the way information flows between different components?

Logical Topology

Test your knowledge of computer network topology with this quiz! Explore different types of network layouts and structures, and understand how nodes and systems are connected and communicate with each other.

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