Computer Network Security

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Which factor is primarily responsible for the increase in hackers and virus attacks?

The failure to fix known security vulnerabilities

What is the main purpose of evaluating vulnerabilities?

To combat network security risks

Which criteria is NOT mentioned as a solution for customers to improve their information security architecture?

ISO 13335

What percentage of web attack events are caused by the failure to fix known security vulnerabilities?


What is the aim of improving information security architecture for customers?

To strengthen security and maintain a high level of performance

Study Notes

Increasing Cybersecurity Risks and the Importance of Vulnerability Evaluation

  • Hackers and virus attacks are on the rise due to the expansion of the Internet and the availability of easy-to-use hacker tools.
  • Approximately 95% of web attack events occur because of the failure to address known security vulnerabilities in computer network systems.
  • The main cause of these vulnerabilities is the compromised computer network systems.
  • Evaluating vulnerabilities is crucial in order to effectively combat network security risks.
  • Accessible solutions are needed for customers to enhance their information security architecture through security assessments.
  • The goal is to help customers strengthen security while maintaining a high level of performance.
  • Criteria for evaluating security include SSE-CMM (Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model).
  • Another criterion is ISO 17799 (BS7799), which is an information security code of practice.
  • ISO 7498-2 is a security architecture standard for information processing systems in open systems interconnection.
  • ISO 13335 is an information technology standard for managing IT security.
  • These standards and criteria serve as guidelines for organizations to improve their cybersecurity measures.
  • Implementing these standards can help mitigate the risks of cyber attacks and protect sensitive information.

Test your knowledge on computer network security vulnerabilities and learn how to protect your systems from hackers and virus attacks.

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