Computer Modeling of Cognition: Levels of Analysis

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According to Marr's three-level hypothesis, what must be described at the computational level, the algorithmic level, and the implementational level?

task, algorithm, implementation

In what way are Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov different at the physical components level?

Deep Blue is constructed from silicon circuitry, while Kasparov’s chess playing ability is based in a biological brain.

What did the computer system Deep Blue defeat world chess champion Garry Kasparov by, in a six-game match?

3.5 to 2.5

For researchers interested in modeling high-level cognitive activities, what is instructive to compare and consider?

Deep Blue and Kasparov

What should be described from multiple perspectives for modeling high-level cognitive activities?


What is the name of the university where Michael RW Dawson, the author of the article, is affiliated?

University of Alberta

At what level of analysis is a researcher primarily concerned with the question 'What information processing problem is being solved by the system'?

Computational level

According to David Marr, what is the first level of analysis relevant when studying information processors?

Computational level

What type of question does the computational level of analysis correspond to?

Asking what information processing problem is being solved by the system

What does the computational level of analysis often involve?

Specifying abstract laws and using formal techniques such as mathematical or logical proof

What does the computational-level question usually result in?

A mathematical statement that an information processing system is solving a particular problem

What did David Marr argue was relevant when studying information processors?

Three general levels of analysis

At which level of analysis is a researcher primarily concerned with the quest?

Algorithmic level

What is the second analysis proposed by David Marr when studying information processors?

Algorithmic level

What does the algorithmic level of analysis primarily concern?

Implementation of the computational problem in the system

What is the researcher primarily concerned with at the algorithmic level of analysis?

The quest

Explore the levels of analysis in computer modeling of cognition with this introductory article by Michael RW Dawson from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Delve into describing cognition from multiple perspectives, analyzing task, algorithm, and implementation, and understanding the three-level hypothesis using the example of color perception.

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