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What is the main function of a modem connected to a computer?

Download information from websites and receive emails

Which of the following devices is an example of secondary memory?

CD Drive

What is the approximate capacity of a CD-ROM drive?

650-700 Mbytes

How does the speed of a 50x CD-ROM compare to the original 1x speed?

50 times faster

What is the main difference between internal and external hard disks in terms of cost?

External hard disks are more expensive than internal hard disks

What is the primary function of an internal hard disk in a computer?

Store the operating system and pre-installed applications

Why are hard disks considered the cheapest way of storing data?

Their costs are falling rapidly

What is the main difference between CD-ROM drives and DVD-ROM drives in terms of capacity?

CD-ROM drives have a capacity of around 650-700 Mbytes, while DVD-ROM drives can store up to 17 Gbytes.

Study Notes

Input Output Devices

  • A speaker is a device that connects to a computer to generate sound output.
  • Some devices can be both input and output devices, such as a modem, which can be used to download information from websites and receive emails, as well as upload and send emails.

Storage Devices

  • Secondary Memory is a Non-Volatile (Permanent until erased) Memory.
  • Examples of storage devices include:
    • Internal Hard Disk
    • External Hard Disk
    • CD Drive
    • DVD Drive

Internal Hard Disk

  • Resides inside the computer.
  • Most computers come with a single internal hard drive, which includes the operating system and pre-installed applications.
  • Capacity: Very high, now in excess of 500 GB.
  • Cost: Falling rapidly, and normally the cheapest way of storing data.

External Hard Disk

  • A portable storage device that can be attached to a computer through a USB.
  • Capacity: Same as internal disks.
  • Cost: More expensive than internal disks.

CD-ROM Drive and DVD-ROM

  • CD-ROM Drive:
    • Much slower than hard disks.
    • Original CD-ROM specification was given a value of 1x speed.
    • Capacity: Around 650-700 Mbytes.
  • DVD-ROM:
    • Much faster than CD-ROM drives but not as fast as hard disks.
    • Capacity: Up to 17 Gbytes.
    • Cost: Slightly higher than CD-ROM Drives.

Test your knowledge on computer hardware devices such as speakers, input/output devices, modems, and storage devices like hard disks and CD drives. Learn about the functions and characteristics of these essential components.

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