Computer Components and Functions

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What is the function of the processor (CPU) in a computer?

Which of the following is an example of an input device for a computer?

What is the purpose of RAM in a computer?

Which phase of a computer involves executing programs and commands to perform operations on data?

What is the function of an output device in a computer system?

Which component of a computer is responsible for storing permanent data?

What is the primary function of the operating system according to the text?

Which mode involves retaining data to take advantage of it later?

What does the operating system do in relation to running programs?

In what way does the operating system contribute to system stability according to the text?

Which component allows a user to interact with a computer through either a graphical or text interface?

What is a specific function of resource management in the operating system according to the text?


Learn about the components and functions of a computer, including hardware and software, as well as the different tasks it can perform based on installed programs and applications.

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