Components of Physical Training: Cardiorespiratory & Muscular Endurance

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Which type of physical activity is required for the development of cardiorespiratory fitness?

Sufficient intensity

What differentiates a strength-training program from an endurance-training program?

Number of repetitions and level of resistance

What is the emphasis in a strength-training program in terms of repetitions and resistance?

Low repetitions with heavy resistance

How can flexibility be improved and maintained?

By incorporating specific exercises for each joint

What techniques can be used for flexibility exercises?

Ballistic and static stretching techniques

How is cardiorespiratory fitness improved and maintained?

By engaging in physical activity of the appropriate intensity, duration, frequency, and type

What is power in the context of physical activities?

The rate at which work is completed

Which principle of training emphasizes tailoring exercise to suit the demands of a specific activity?

Principle of Specificity

Why is the quality of movement emphasized over the number of repetitions in training?

To improve overall stability

Which FITT principle focuses on the number of exercise sessions per week?


In the context of physical fitness, what does the Principle of Overload suggest?

Exceed one's normal amount of exercise

How does the Principle of Regression affect exercise-related gains?

Results in loss of gains if exercise is not continued

Learn about the importance of cardiorespiratory endurance training and muscular strength training in improving overall physical fitness. Discover how to design programs to increase strength, endurance, and maintain cardiorespiratory fitness.

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