Comparison of Medium-Sized Artery and Medium-Sized Vein

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What is the role of the tunica intima in both medium-sized arteries and medium-sized veins?

It is a thin layer lined by endothelium and its basal lamina.

Which type of vessel has a thicker tunica media, a medium-sized artery, or a medium-sized vein?

Medium-sized artery

What marks the outer border of the tunica media of a muscular artery?

Clear layer of external elastic lamina

What forms the valves of veins according to the text?

Tunica intima

Which vessel type is responsible for distributing blood to different parts of the body?

Muscular medium-sized arteries

How is blood collected towards the heart in the venous system?

By folds that form valves in the veins

Where is the spleen situated in the body?

Beneath the left half of the diaphragm

What gives the red appearance to the spleen?


Which type of cells are part of the stroma of the spleen?

Reticular cells

What covers the spleen externally with white collagenous connective tissue?


Which component of the spleen is responsible for the major part of its structure?

Red pulp

In what form are B lymphocytes present in the spleen?

In lymphatic nodules (white pulp)

What appears to be present in a fresh cut surface of the spleen?

Erythrocytes and white pulp

What is the function of connective tissue trabeculae in the spleen?

To extend from the organ capsule

What surrounds the capsule of the spleen?

A layer of peritoneum

Learn about the differences between medium-sized arteries and medium-sized veins in terms of their tunica intima and tunica media structures. Explore the distinct features of the two types of blood vessels.

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