SOCS1420 Week 5

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What is a stakeholder in the context of the text?

Someone who has a vested interest in your actions

Why might your ideas not be welcomed with 'open arms' according to the text?

Bias, stereotypes, and discrimination among the stakeholders

What is the role of a 'Leadership Core group' in community participation?

To steer or plan community actions with a small group of individuals

Who are 'Community Agents' based on the text?

People who actively participate but follow the direction of leadership

What do 'Supporters' do in terms of community participation?

Act sporadically, with enthusiasm that may fade

Who are 'One-Shot Participants' according to the text?

Individuals who participate once or for a short period

What is the primary role of 'Advisers' in community involvement?

Provide specific insights, ideas, and technical information

How can 'Inactive General Supporters' influence community dynamics?

Their participation can calm doubts and uncertainties

'Community Agents' trust and follow the direction of:

'Leadership Core group'

'Supporters' participate when:

Mood strikes or when asked

What is a key aspect of Community Governance?

Addressing community needs

Good Governance should be:

Highly specific to the community in question

What does Public Policy primarily aim to address?

Social issues

Which of the following is NOT a cornerstone of Good Policy as discussed in the text?

Directed toward the past

In what way are Public Policy and Community Governance related?

Community Governance involves decision making for a community, while Public Policy addresses social issues through government actions

Why is it important for Good Governance to reflect the diversity of cultures?

To ensure fairness and inclusivity

What aspect of Stakeholders was discussed in Week 5?

"Their importance in policy-making and decision processes"

Test your knowledge on community governance, decision making, addressing community needs, and public policy. Explore the concepts of good governance, accountability to stakeholders, and the diverse needs of a community. Dive into the relationship between public policy and laws, regulations, and their impact on society.

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