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What is the primary focus of the IAUPR School of Optometry Oath?

Compassion and honesty

What does the oath require optometrists to uphold and promote?

Highest standards, ethics, and ideals

In the oath, what priority must optometrists give to the treatment of those seeking care?

Above personal gain

What commitment does the oath expect from optometrists in terms of knowledge and skills?

To strive continuously to broaden knowledge and skills

How should optometrists share information with fellow professionals according to the oath?

Cordially and unselfishly

As per the oath, what is an optometrist's obligation towards the information entrusted by patients?

To hold it as privileged and inviolable

What is the main effect of nuclear sclerosis on vision?

Reduces contrast sensitivity

Which condition is associated with decreased recovery time in a Photostress Test?

Central Serous Choroidopathy

In the context of Declarative Memory, which statement is true about semantic memory in the elderly?

Elderly individuals have slower word retrieval

What advice is given for elderly patients regarding lighting?

Recommend AR coatings

Which memory type is bound to specific times and places?

Episodic memory

What is one common effect of aging on Declarative Memory?

Slower access to names and words

How does nuclear sclerosis impact color discrimination?

Reduces color discrimination

What is the primary suggestion for elderly patients in terms of eye care?

Increase light levels, use antiglare filters, and recommend AR coatings

What is one way to effectively communicate with elderly people during an exam?

Use models and charts to convey information

Why is it recommended to describe the steps of the exam and explain why they are being done?

To inform and involve the patient in the process

What percentage of millennials view doctors as the single best source of information?


What do millennials often struggle with when it comes to decision-making?

Seeking contact with like-minded people

Which of the following is NOT a pillar of morality mentioned in the text?


What are some sources that can influence ethical decisions according to the text?

Law, Religion, Culture, and Local Customs

Which bioethical principle focuses on doing good for the patient?


In what context might bioethics be applied according to the text?

Health care, health science, and health policies

What type of memory shows little to no slow-down with age at higher levels of competency?

Implicit Memory

What type of decision-making shows that the young do better when reward values are based on the last choice?

Last Choice Decision Making

What part of the brain is more used by older adults during decision-making, according to the text?

Prefrontal Cortex

In the second experiment mentioned in the text, what was required for individuals to be better at decision-making?

Developing a theory about reward structure

What percentage of people aged 75 or more found things to be worse than expected?


What part of the brain is related to habitual, reflexive learning and immediate reward in young individuals?

Ventral Striatum

What aspect of decision-making shows that the elderly do better when rewards are based on the first choice?

First Choice Decision Making

What should be ensured in facilities for elderly people, according to the text?

Avoid stairs and walk slowly

According to the Oath of the American Optometric Association, what is the ideal and duty of its members?

To keep the visual welfare of the patient uppermost at all times

What is one of the duties mentioned in the Oath regarding patient data?

To use patient data only for the benefit of the patient

In what way do members of the American Optometric Association demonstrate their professionalism according to the Oath?

By using patient data solely for the benefit of the patient

What is a key aspect of the educational commitment mentioned in the Oath?

Enhancing educational and technical proficiency for patients' benefit

How do members of the American Optometric Association ensure that patients receive optimal care?

By striving to see that no person lacks for visual care

What is a critical obligation highlighted in the Oath concerning consultation with other professionals?

To advise the patient whenever consultation with an optometric colleague seems advisable

How do members of the American Optometric Association demonstrate their commitment to better care for visual needs?

By promoting better care of visual needs in collaboration with the Association

What is a fundamental resolve outlined in the Oath regarding the visual welfare of the patient?

"To keep the visual welfare of the patient uppermost at all times"

Learn how to effectively communicate and conduct exams with elderly patients by using strategies like speaking slower, using visual aids, facing the patient, and more. Understand the importance of clear communication and accommodating hearing impairments.

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