Communication in Organizations: Elements and Processes

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What are the elements of communication?

Which communication network flows linearly from one person to the next in a sequence?

What is the main characteristic of the 'Wheel' communication network?

Which communication structure allows for rapid information exchange and open communication among all team members?

What are the expressions of communication?

Which direction of communication involves communication flowing from top to bottom and vice versa?

What is the term used to refer to informal, unofficial channels of communication characterized by rumors, gossip, and informal discussions within an organization?

Which barrier of communication involves shaping communicated information to present it in a positive or advantageous light to the recipient?

What is the barrier of communication that occurs when people feel threatened and try to protect themselves by either lying or interpreting messages in a way that benefits them?

Which type of communication network facilitates communication through emails, messaging platforms, video conferencing, and other digital tools?

What does the term 'information overload' as a barrier of communication refer to?

Which action is suggested for overcoming the barrier of 'Information Overload'?

In the context of communication barriers, what does 'defensiveness' lead to?

'Language differences' as a barrier of communication can particularly affect communication within an organization when:

'Grapevine' in an organization is characterized by:


Explore the elements and processes of communication in organizations, including the sender, message, channel, feedback, noise, and receiver. Understand how communication involves exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, or feelings using verbal and non-verbal methods.

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