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What is radiative forcing?

The measure of how Earth's energy balance is influenced by factors like greenhouse gases

What are some greenhouse gases?

Methane and water vapor

Who first predicted that adding CO2 into the atmosphere would cause climate change?

Svante Arrhenius

What is the Paris Agreement?

An agreement among countries to combat climate change

What effects does increasing CO2 in the atmosphere have on the ocean?

Causes ocean acidification and harms marine life

What are the two main causes of sea level rise due to global warming?

Melting ice caps and thermal expansion of seawater

What is a key piece of physical evidence that supports the idea that humans are causing global warming?

Decrease in sea ice extent

How do climate models handle uncertainties?

By incorporating a range of possible outcomes based on different assumptions

Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?

Oxygen (O2)

How do humans primarily contribute to global warming through their activities?

By releasing greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels

What is one of the main effects of increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere on oceans?

Ocean acidification

Who discovered the greenhouse effect and when?

Svante Arrhenius in 1896

What method is used to obtain historical CO2 values for the atmosphere thousands of years ago?

Direct measurement from ice cores

Test your knowledge about important concepts related to climate change, such as radiative forcing, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, and the Paris Agreement. Explore topics like human activities affecting global warming, uncertainties in climate models, and the history of climate change predictions.

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