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What is the clinical presentation during the enteric phase of infection by All intestinal nematodes?

Diarrhea/constipation, vomiting, abdominal cramps, malaise & nausea

How can the diagnosis of infection by All intestinal nematodes be definitively confirmed?

Muscle biopsy

What is the most appropriate treatment for All intestinal nematodes?

Thiabendazole 2x a day for 7 days

Which parasite causes enterobiasis/oxyuriasis characterized by perianal itching?

Enterobius vermicularis

What is the MOT (Mode of Transmission) for Ascaris lumbricoides?

Ingestion of embryonated egg

What is a common symptom experienced due to infection by Enterobius vermicularis?

Insomnia due to pruritus

Which medication can be administered as a single dose for Enterobius vermicularis infection?

Albendazole 400mg single dose

What is a hallmark symptom of enterobiasis caused by Enterobius vermicularis?

Perianal itching

What should be the focus of prevention and control strategies for Enterobius vermicularis infection?

Proper hand washing and personal hygiene

Which stage involves the encystment process and muscle damage in All intestinal nematodes infection?

Convalescent Phase

Test your knowledge on the classification of nematodes based on the presence or absence of caudal chemoreceptor, habitat, and life stages. Identify different types of nematodes found in the small intestine, large intestine, and non-intestinal areas.

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