Citing Works with Multiple Authors and Unknown Author

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What are the two forms of citations mentioned in the text?

In-text and reference

Which part of the paper contains the complete bibliographic entries of all references used?

Reference list

What is the purpose of in-text citation?

To indicate the location of the original source in the essay

Where do style guides in referencing usually appear?

As manuals or guides

What appears at the last part of the paper according to APA Style?

Reference list

Which style guide is mentioned in the text as governing citations?


How should a work with unknown author be cited in the signal phrase?

By using the first word or two in parentheses

What should be done when citing a work of organization as an author for the first time?

Include the abbreviation of the organization in brackets

In APA style, how should titles of articles, chapters, and webpages be formatted when written in-text?

Enclosed in quotation marks

What should be done when an author's name is 'Anonymous'?

Consider it as the author's name

How should the titles of books and reports be formatted when written in text according to APA style?


When citing a work by multiple authors, how is the citation done to avoid ambiguity?

Using 'et al.' for all authors after the first one

Which type of interview does not require a formal citation in the reference list?

Personal interview

Where would you find a published interview that requires a formal citation?

Radio show

In what format should you cite a research participant interview?

Formal citation in the reference list

What is the purpose of a reference list in an academic paper?

To provide information on the sources cited in the paper

Where would you most likely find an interview conducted as part of a research project?

Academic journal

Which type of interview is considered personal communication?

Personal interview

How should authors' names be presented in a reference list?

Last names first, followed by first and middle initials

Where should you find the format for citing a specific interview type like a podcast?

Follow the specific reference type format

What is the indentation rule for lines after the first line in a reference list entry?

Indented half-inch from the left margin (hanging indention)

How should authors be listed if there are 21 or more authors for a particular work?

Include ellipsis after the 19th author and add the final author's name

Where should the reference list start in your academic paper?

On a separate page at the end of the paper titled 'References'

How should authors' first and middle names be written if their middle name is not available?

Use initials for first and last names, but no middle initial

What should be capitalized in the title of a source when referring to it within your paper?

Words that are four letters long or greater

In a hyphenated compound word within a title, how should the words be capitalized?

Both words

After a dash or colon in a title, which word should be capitalized?

The word following the dash or colon

How should titles of works be formatted if they are italicized in the reference list?

Italicized with title case capitalization

For titles not italicized in the reference list, how should they be formatted in the text?

In double quotation marks with title case capitalization

When directly quoting from a work, what should be included for the reference?

Author, year of publication, and page number

Test your knowledge on citing works with multiple authors by learning the correct in-text citation format to avoid ambiguity. Understand how to cite works with unknown authors using title in signal phrase or first words in parentheses. Practice distinguishing between italicizing book titles versus articles, chapters and reports.

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