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What is the main purpose of in-text citations and a reference list?

To allow readers to identify possible literature sources for their research papers

What type of ideas in a research paper do not require in-text citations?

Purely original ideas from the writer

What is an example of general knowledge?

The Philippines is an archipelago.

What are the two forms of in-text citations?

Parenthetical and narrative

What type of information requires in-text citations in a research paper?

Theories and definitions

What is the purpose of providing important details about the reference material in in-text citations?

To identify the reference material

What is the main purpose of citation in a research paper?

To give credit to other researchers

What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography?

A reference list includes all sources cited in the paper, while a bibliography includes all sources consulted

What is the purpose of in-text citations?

To identify the sources used in specific parts of the research paper

Why is proper citation important?

It helps to avoid allegations of plagiarism

What is the term for the list of citations at the end of a research paper?

Reference list

What is the main benefit of citing sources in a research paper?

It gives credit to other researchers

In a parenthetical citation, where are the citation details placed?

At the end of the sentence

What is a common way of putting narrative citations?

Placing the last name/s of the author/s within the text and the year of publication inside the parentheses

What is the main difference between APA, MLA, and CMOS citation styles?

The specific format for citing different kinds of reference materials

Which citation style is commonly used in natural and physical sciences and the social sciences?

APA Style Guide

What does the acronym MLA stand for?

Modern Language Association

In which fields of study is the MLA Style Guide commonly used?

Language, arts, communication, and literature

What type of sources include reports from seminars, educational or otherwise?

Primary sources

What are examples of primary sources?

Artifacts, autobiographies, court records, and diaries

What is a characteristic of secondary sources?

Not directly connected to the topic of research

What is an example of a secondary source?

Biographies, critical studies, and dictionaries

What are related studies?

Studies that are related or have some bearing to the proposed study

Where can primary sources be found?

In various government offices, schools, and other entities

What is the primary focus of the body in a review of a research project?

To argue and justify the issues under investigation

What is the main purpose of a conclusion in a review of related literature?

To summarize the main points of all the research findings

What is the key difference between the conclusion of a review of related literature and the conclusion of the entire research findings?

The focus of the conclusion

How many paragraphs should a conclusion in a review of related literature typically consist of?

One paragraph

What does the body of a review of related literature aim to achieve?

To justify the issues, topics, or problems under investigation

What is the scope of the conclusion in a review of related literature?

The review of related literature only

Study Notes

Citation and Its Importance

  • Citation is an organized method of acknowledging literature sources used in a research paper, providing a formal reference to a published or unpublished source.
  • Citation serves as a defense against allegations of plagiarism and intellectual property issues.
  • It gives credit to other researchers, supports arguments, and identifies and organizes literature sources.

In-text Citations

  • In-text citations are markers placed before or after quoted or paraphrased text, giving credit to the original authors.
  • Not all ideas in a research paper require in-text citations, such as original ideas, general knowledge, and common facts.
  • Examples of general knowledge include commonly known facts, such as the Philippines being an archipelago or Fidel V. Ramos being the 12th President of the Philippines.

Types of In-text Citations

  • There are two forms of in-text citations: parenthetical and narrative.
  • Parenthetical citations place citation details inside parentheses at the end of the sentence.
  • Narrative citations incorporate the author's last name and year of publication into the sentence structure.

Citation Formats

  • Different citation styles are used in various disciplines and fields of study.
  • The three common citation style guides are:
    • APA Style Guide (7th edition), commonly used in natural and physical sciences and social sciences.
    • MLA Style Guide (8th edition), used in humanities like language, arts, communication, and literature.
    • CMOS (17th edition), used in various fields.

Primary and Secondary Sources

  • Primary sources contain information directly related to the research topic, such as reports on groundbreaking research, autobiographies, and official reports.
  • Secondary sources are indirectly related to the research topic, including biographies, critical studies, dictionaries, journal articles, and textbooks.

Understand the importance of citing literature sources in research papers, including the methods and formats used to properly acknowledge sources. Learn how to cite published and unpublished sources, and how to avoid plagiarism. Get familiar with citation styles and referencing techniques.

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