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What is the epic poem Gilgamesh considered to be?

In what form were tablets containing portions of Gilgamesh found?

Where was the version of Gilgamesh discovered that is widely circulated throughout the ancient Middle East?

For how long did the epic poem Gilgamesh develop?

Who is considered to be the last king of the Assyrian Empire?

Where have tablets containing portions of Gilgamesh been found?

What literary form takes its name from the Arabic word for ‘four’?

Which Indian sacred text speculates about the origin and nature of the universe?

What is the world’s longest epic?

Which collection of folktales aims to teach about political matters and interpersonal relationships in ancient India?

Who is the most beloved poet in Indian plays?

What is the earliest known Chinese literary collection believed to date from around 1000 B.C.?

Which Chinese literary genre begins with lyric poetry?

'The Rubaiyat' is attributed to which well-known Islamic poet?

'The Loyal Mongoose' is a story from which collection of folktales and animal fables in Indian literature?

'Sakuntala' by Kalidasa is rooted in the values of which civilization?

Which Indian religion claims the Vedas as the source of all truth and the basis of its religious beliefs?

Which literary form consists of 305 songs representing the heritage of the Chou people?

What is the proportion of Gilgamesh's divine and human attributes?

Why were Enkidu created by the Sumerian gods?

What event leads Gilgamesh to embark on a quest for everlasting life?

Which ancient culture possessed a rich variety of poetry, including narratives, incantations, and devotional poems?

During which period did the largest and earliest group of ancient Egyptian poems come from?

What type of poetry emerged in the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt?

What is the most important example of Hebrew literature?

"The Acts of the Apostles" is an account of whose missionary journeys?

"The Thousand and One Nights" collection puts together tales into one long narrative. What is one of the simplest and oldest tales in this collection?

"The Shah-nama" is considered a national treasure in which country?

What are the most important themes that unify the Bible?

Who wrote the famous English version of the Bible called King James Version?

What is the primary characteristic of the Nō theatre as described in the passage?

What form of drama involves the use of puppets in its performance?

Which literary works are attributed to the poet Homer?

What is the primary subject of The Iliad?

In which century did Greek drama reach its peak in Athens?

Which playwright wrote the trilogy of Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone?

'Tragedies dealt with universal issues and indirectly with contemporary politics, but the plots were taken from the same cycle of legends found in the Homeric epics.' This statement refers to:

'The Romans as well as the Greeks venerated the Homeric epics, the most ancient texts of Greek literature.' This statement refers to:

'The knowledge Oedipus relentlessly seeks causes his downfall.' This statement refers to:

'The gods interfere to some extent, but they never direct the plot or the characters’ actions.' This statement refers to:

'Themes such as war, incest, and murder were treated seriously.' This statement refers to:

'Greek drama reached its peak in the 5th century Athens.' This statement is supported by which information in the passage?

What literary form is The Song of Roland an example of?

Who is the central figure in The Divine Comedy by Dante?

Which poet was well-versed in Italian and Latin, and wrote lyric poems dedicated to Laura?

In which work would you find the line: 'To be, or not to be: that is the question'?

What is a key element used by Petrarch in his poems?

In which literary genre does The Decameron by Boccaccio belong?

Which writer is known for the sonnet 'When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes'?

What is the main theme of The Nibelungenlied?

Who wrote the collection of stories known as The Canterbury Tales?

Which poet wrote about the adventure of a man struggling to reconcile himself to a bitter political exile through the triumph of love?

What literary genre does The Divine Comedy by Dante belong to?

Who is the central figure in The Song of Roland?

What is the central virtue emphasized in Tao Te Ching?

Which Japanese poetic form emphasizes precision, simplicity, and suggestiveness?

What is the primary virtue highlighted in The Analects of Confucius?

In what way do Tanka poets generally exhibit restraint?

What is the main theme of The Book of Songs mentioned in the text?

What is the primary characteristic of the Nō theatre as described in the passage?

What is the main subject of choka, a Japanese poetic form mentioned in the text?

What does the phrase 'wisdom comes in fragments and fractions' imply from The Analects?

What was the earliest usage of haiku in Japanese poetry?

What are the leading themes revolving around Tao in Tao Te Ching?

What virtue is emphasized in the tanka poetic form?

What is the central value embodied in the poems of the Book of Songs?


Explore the central values and themes embodied in the poems from the Book of Songs, which originated as folk songs and were mixed with poems from the Chou aristocracy. Delve into the fascination with timely action, the need to speak out, balances and exchanges, and acts of explanation portrayed in the poems.

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