Children's Literature and Developmental Milestones

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What is the traditional purpose of children’s literature?

To provide moral guidance and teach social norms and behaviors

What dominates more as the reading level of children gets lower?


What are the common goals for early childhood literature?

Developing motor skills, cognitive skills, knowledge, and affective skills

What is a reason for children’s literature to be forbidden from books?

Challenging family's faith

Why did Judy Blume back away from some scenes in her books?

To avoid being carried in school libraries

Why did the publisher of Harry Potter release the book with two different covers?

To avoid embarrassment for adult readers

What is a reason for books to be banned in schools or public spaces?

Contradiction of current moral expectations

Why do young adult (YA) books have been increasingly read by adults and kids?

Encouragement by publishers for cross-generational readership

Test your knowledge on the definition of children's literature and the developmental milestones of babies and pre-literate kids. Explore how books serve as objects and stories, the impact of pictures on different reading levels, and the common goals for early childhood development.

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